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Mid Borea: Prom Night

Codename: Low Borea: Prom Night
Mission Type:

Mission Briefing:
Cult activity connected to the royal family. Day 3. Infiltrate royal ball.

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An extravagant ball I suppose… for a feudal world. My daddy put on better soirees when I was growing up. Ah well, I suppose I should be grateful to be able to attend considering my Battle Sisters’ idea of a party is fasting and prayer (even if I had to pay some insane amount to get in).

I don’t know where my date went, but I suppose this new acolyte will do… whatshisnameraven.
Along with Skyy of the Net and Cade Voidstalker of the Barbarossa, we attempted to negotiate a trade compact with the Countess Walpurgis on behalf of our “benefactor” Mariko as part of our cover, but was unable to come to agreeable terms.

Lord Nihilist was kind enough to introduce us to a number of notables (even if he did keep staring at Skyy’s butt now that she wasn’t wearing her greaves), but I was keeping my eye on Lord Fervious and his beautiful consort the Ranger… I sure would like to get my hands on her!

The Ranger did something under the table and the room exploded in tear gas. When it cleared, the Court Wizard was found dead. The ballroom was sealed, but that cow Walpurgis was a quick one and had already escaped. While others were frantically milling about disarming themselves or declaring their innocence, I calmly surveyed the situation.

The smoke dust was everywhere causing a terrible pall on my dress… it so clashed with the color (and it better not stain!), but the residue was concentrated around the table where our group was sitting next to Lord Fervious and the Ranger. Only partially interesting since it implicated us as well. There were no skid marks to indicate that the smoke bomb was thrown under the table. I did not confirm if a device was planted under the table since I did not want to draw attention to myself, what with the guards rushing about with halberds poised menacingly.

Accusations were flying furiously and all parties were outraged and acting defensively. Questions of honor caused challenges for duels and some bloodshed from that mulehead from Oxenfell. I took the opportunity of the distractions to close with the Ranger and scrutinize her closer, but could find nothing through her exquisite kimono.

Lord Fervious became separated from her as our Prime and Skyy argued vociferoursly with him, causing both Fervious and the Ranger to be besides themselves in rage. Despite her sword absently waving me away, I ducked in while she was looking away and patted down her torso (ooh yeah!) looking for concealed weapons. I felt what might be a pouch of smoke bombs. She attacked me immediately… as if.

The scene quickly degenerated into a bloody hot mess. The Lord Fervious was the finest swordsman on the planet, and the Ranger was no slouch either. But greater than skill was the sorcerous Chaos markings that were revealed on his torso during the melee. Both sides took greivous damage and they escaped in another cloud of stupid gas.

I and my date took chase and were able to subdue the Ranger, who would be subsequently interrogated by our honored cleric and his fine excrutiators. But the Lord Fervious was such a fine swordsman that we could not hope to best him. We called for reenforcements and merely shadowed him, delaying him as best we could.

Fervious slew the gatehouse guards and ate upon their flesh, thereby healing his wounds. I was heinously insulted when he ruined my damn expensive five hundred damn throne dress by slashing my torso GAH! the nerve. I held his attention while my compatriots ran him over with a careening two horse carriage and squished him but good. Serves him right, the bastard. I wonder if they have dry cleaners on this mudball.

By Sister Verity (Lady Venria Euphrati)

Mid Borea: Prom Night

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