Tamilia Brestophil

Student at Collegia Sibelius


Encountered during Operation: Raptor’s Claw

Tamilia is a slender young co-ed typically seen wearing tiny shorts and a tight top with the logo of Shamrock’s on her chest, a local pub that was raided by the JS Inquisitorial Acolytes.

*Student at Collegia Sibelius; Dominara Division, eastern zone, Hive Sibelius, world Scintella.
*Waitress at Shamrock’s bar, adjacent to Collegia Sibelius
*Genestealer Broodmother

Known Skills: Awareness, Blather, Charm, Dodge, Shadowing.
Known Talents: Pistol Training (SP).
Known Traits: Hive Mind, Hybrid Reproduction.
Weapons: Stub Automatic with red dot laser sight and manstopper bullets.
Threat Rating: Xenos Minoris.


Tamilia is highly adept at seducing her targets. After her discovery by the Acolyte cell, over 10% of the male students at the college were found to be recruited by her and had to be liquidated.

She was agile and perceptive enough to detect a trained assassin shadowing her and lose him, while at the same time following an experienced senior inquisitorial agent without his knowledge.

Her personal combat skills and strength though are average for a female civilian of her age, as proven by an inquisitoral guardsman who had engaged in grappling with Tamilia.

As the pogrom continues, it has been found that Tamilia was broodmother for a number of Genestealer Cults in several hives, and is quite likely the Broodqueen on Scintilla. She has evaded capture and is still at large. It is believed that she has not attempted to leave the planet.

Apprehend for questioning; failing that, a kill order is authorized.

Tamilia Brestophil

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