Sister Verity (Lady Venria Euphrati)

Young and naive, she is quickly learning how dark the galaxy really is.


Name: Sister Verity
Age: 18 (Stripling)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Skin: Fair
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Home World: Noble Born
Past: Family Militant
Career: Sororitas
Divination: In the darkness, follow the light of Terra.

Mother (48): Lady Regia Euphrati, Assassin, Deceased. Killed on a mission, but suspected was betrayed by a noble vendetta.
Father (55): Lt. General Sir Frak(torius) Euphrati III, Guardsman, retired.
Sister (25): Proctor Lady Aenid Euphrati-Drustilla, Arbitrator.
Sister (22): Lt. Ziapatra Euphrati, Guardsman.

Low Borea covert gear (posing as a primitive Feudal local): Plate mail, Flail(best), sword (best), composite bow, Fine Dress (500T).


The youngest daughter of the Lord and Lady Fraktorius and Regia Euphrati, Lady Venria was a kind, headstrong and independent child. While her family despaired of teaching her martial skills, she enjoyed reading, singing, and gossipping. Venria made her family proud by choosing the Adepta Sororitas, but secretly she had joined out of spite. She liked caring for the wounded (Hospitaller), poring over dusty old tomes (Dialogous), or counselling others on their troubles (Famulous), and so had intended to become anything but the militant arm of the Sororitas.

But while serving on the Benten Maru light cruiser as a liaison between the Adepta Sororitas Unit and the Inquisitorial Acolyte Cell, Venria became enamoured of Sister Superior Deatrix Imperatrice’s exploits as a Seraphim before leading her own squad of battle sisters. Having tasted the thrill of battle against the Orkish boarding parties of Kaptin Blacktoof during Operation “Salad Bowl,” and the glories of victory in the gladiatorial tournaments upon Low Borea, the young Sororitas has impulsively decided to join the militant branch and strive toward being an angelic Seraphim.

Unfortunately, she is spending much time in the company of Lady Elanor and might be developing a bad gambling habit.

Traditionally, the second son of a noble house must join the Ministorum to renew the ties that give its connections to power. But the second Euphrati joined the Guard instead, which Fraktorius could not deny as his own heart loved the army and renewing those ties were also important to him. So, her older sister Ziapatra owes Venria a great deal of gratitude for taking her place amongst a Ministorum calling.

When the Rogue Trader … requested a Sororitas escort for his daughter Mariko upon the Light Cruiser Benten Maru in exchange for providing long-term covert transport for a cell of Inquisitorial Acolytes, Fraktorius saw this as an opportunity and pulled some strings to get Venria attached as the liaison.

Venria had not been raised at a Schola Progenum, and was expected to eventually muster out and return to the family with honours and glories of her martial achievements, as well as numerous powerful contacts. This could eventually put her at odds with her fellow sisters militant in the sororitas. As such, detaching her from the convent and assigning her with the Inquisition was a prudent and masterful move. It made Venria free to serve the Empire and her House with much less concern for split loyalties. Of course, Venria herself does not know that any backroom dealings occurred, thinking that she had earned this assignment through merit alone. In the end, a noble is a noble and must play the game of houses and vendetta.

Sister Verity (Lady Venria Euphrati)

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