Senior Astropath Tyrantia Wraxa

Senior Astropath of the Benten Maru


Encountered during Operation: Salad Bowl.

An ancient crone, bowed and wizened. She is deceptively strong and agile, and quite insane.

*Career Path: Sanctioned Psyker
*Rank: The Spectral Aeon, Scholar Empyrean, Astropath Transcendant
*Origin: Feral
*Known Skills: Psyniscience, Awareness, Dodge, Ciphers, Forbidden Lore (Warp), Gamble, Invocation, Lip Reading, Navigation, Secret Tongue, Silent Move, Sleight of Hand, Tech-Use, Trade (Embalmer, Soohsayer).
*Known Talents: Melee Weapon (Primitive, Power), Heavy Weapon Training(Flamer, Melta), Pistol Training (Plasma), Air of Authority, Assassin Strike, Catfall, Cleanse & Purify, Combat Master, Swift Attack, Frenzy, Fearless, Furious Assault, Lightning Reflexes, Mental Fortress, Mental Rage, Power Well, Psy Rating 7, Rapid Reaction, Sprint, Step Aside, Strong Minded, Warp Conduit.
*Known Discipline Powers: Compel, See Me Not, Psychic Shriek, Divination (All).
*Weapons: Force Staff, Compact Plasma Pistol, Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer
*Armour: Power Armour. Best Mesh Robes.
*Threat Rating: Hereticus Majoris.


Draped in her old, comfortable robes, she is a fearless antagonist who will seek out those that require her Imperial Divination… woe be unto those who defy her magnamity.

She is always followed by at least two Stormtrooper minders who warn, “touch her and you will be summarily spaced out of the nearest airlock.” This order still applies when her senility kicks in and she wanders the halls in her custom power armor with Multi-Melta and Heavy Flamer ablazing away, like she did in the old days (so she says… although, she was very effective against the ork boarding parties).

Tyrantia is a very strong astropath, capable of punching messages through even moderately strong warp storms, or even Tyranid splinter fleets. She has been on the Benten Maru since before most people’s great grandparents were born.

She is definately as “loony as a bat in a dingleberry bush.” Sometimes she claims to play chess with the Emperor while about her astropath duties, but this could just as easily be a delusion, or a Chaos god slumming with an old rival.

Senior Astropath Tyrantia Wraxa

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