Loremaster Magister Gregorius Nominus

Professor at Collegia Sibelius, retired genestealer persecutor


Encountered during Operation: Raptor’s Claw

Gregor is an old bald man; still very fit, though not very strong. His lower arm is cybernetic (encounter with a Hybrid’s acid spittle). When not wearing his armour, he wears his Adminstratum robes.

Career Path: Adept
Rank: Loremaster Magister, Senior Inquisitorial Agent of the Ordo Xenos
Origin: Void Born (Space Hulk)
Skills: Classified
Talents: Classified
Discipline Powers: Classified
Weapons: Bolt Pistol with Red Dot Laser Sight, Inferno Pistol, Raptor Claw.
Armour: Best Quality Stormtrooper Carapace (All 7).
Cybernetics: Good Bionic Hand, Good Auger Array (Also Count as Best Quality Auspex), Good Quality Cybernetic Eyes.
Threat Rating: Hereticus Majoris.


Gregorius was born over a century ago on a Space Hulk. He encountered a Genestealer Cult numbering in the thousands. His father placed him in an escape pod and launched it. There were no other survivors.

Gregor was rescued by Inquisitor Malek Ishan, a disgraced inquisitor who wandered the galaxy preaching the word of the Emperor to the savage tribes which would either be converted to the Cult of the Emperor or would kill him. The man resuscitated the boy and adopted him as his own.

Over the years Gregor accompanied Malek on his quest, converting those poor souls who did not know the light of the God-Emperor; and meanwhile teaching Gregor things he shouldn’t know.

When Gregor reached adulthood, Malek introduced Gregor to Lord Inquisitor Vownus Kaede. Gregor swore his loyalty to the inquisitor on the death of his father. Since then Gregor did everything he could do to learn more about the creatures which led to his fathers death. He rose quickly through the ranks until he finally reached the rank of Senior Agent.

It was through his efforts that dozens, maybe hundreds of Genestealer Cults were destroyed in the name of the Emperor and his father. Each cult offered a chance to examine the creatures more closely, to dissect them. He wrote a book on it, the Codex Corporaptor Hominis: a seven hundred plus pages thick tome detailing anything from anatomy of the creatures to the hierarchy of the Cult itself.

Though no longer actively hunting the creatures himself, he does employ a wide variety of agents and acolytes to do it for him. Magister Gregorius Nominus’s name spread fear into the Hive communities, for his presence meant the death of hundreds, if not the destruction of an entire Hive and all its inhabitants.

Besides being a talented writer Gregorius is also a very adept teacher.

Loremaster Magister Gregorius Nominus

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