Felicia Tzarine

I always wanted a Titan as a pet in my backyard, but they won't give me any... guess I'll just have to become one! tee hee hee


Name: Felicia Tzarine
Age: 24 (Stripling)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Skin: Tan
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Home World: Forge Worlder
Past: Demesne
Career: Tech Priest
Divination: The gun is mightier then the sword.


Wow! What’s this? Cogs yaaay! Oooh, what’s that? Bones, awesome! How do I fix them? Splat, like that! Tinker tinker tinker, tentacles! Whoa, turn off the security camera, gotta be a decent lady here… hack hack hack, sector surveillance on loop footage. Eep! Doesn’t work… knock knock… there we go, so technical. Need some guns! Vreee-woo. Kekeke, bigger… Vrooo-whhh.

Maaaan, when the others getting back? I gotta get off this ship and kill something… and get laid. Urm, there’s a lock down there; good thing I trained in security. Oh well, back to work… hmmm, need batteries and a bigger drill.

Felicia Tzarine

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