Crom Vardek of the Kul

Scourge of the Three Moons


Also known as Crom of High-Borea and Crom the Conqueror, he is a barbarian warrior of the Kul Tribe from the moon of High-Borea, who became an acolyte under Inquisitor Sofiya Pavlovena. In his youth, few among his peers could match him for he was far stronger in body and more ferocious in spirit than most warriors his age. Fear gripped the hearts of his enemies when he strode upon the battlefield and those foolish enough to underestimate the youth bore full witness to the merciless slaughter he rendered much to their regret. As such, there was no doubt among his tribe when he entered into the annual Grand Tournament on Mid-Borea at such a young age.

On Mid-Borea, he carved a path of destruction through the tiers of the tournament. Both in singular and group matches, he unforgivably tore his opponents apart as the masses cheered his name over and over again. Near the end, only the truly brave and stupid dared to face him for most surrendered before their matches began rather than die by his hand. Along with his fellow tribesmen, he stood victorious as the youngest Champion of the Grand Tournament and was ready to take his place among the ranks of the Sky Gods. However, as the ancient saying goes, Fate is a cruel mistress…

Standing in the great hall with the other surviving contestants, the Sky Gods, better known as the Space Marines of the Jagged Scars Chapter, called out the names of those to be initiated into their brotherhood. When his name was not called, he angrily protested but was quickly dismissed by their leader, Sergeant Rhogar Tervingian, with no explanation. This infuriated Crom like nothing else, and he furiously charged the Space Marine Sergeant. However, Rhogar was no normal man, he was a Space Marine.

With superhuman strength and speed, Rhogar brutally beat Crom to the ground. Though his body was broken and bloody, Crom was not one to give up so easily. For each blow that Rhogar delivered, Crom would hurl another demeaning insult to the Space Marine’s prowess in battle. Even when it appeared that Rhogar was done, Crom would manage to spit blood back in Space Marine’s face and muster up a laugh.

This and the fact that the barbarian still remained conscience finally broke the Space Marine’s calm demeanor. Rhogar was so enraged that his battle-brothers had to finally step in to hold him back from killing the barbarian. Though he essentially lost, Crom took some comfort in this small victory as he slipped into darkness…

Many days later, he would awaken to the sight of Inquisitor Sofiya Pavlovena standing before his bed. Quickly he learned that it was she who denied his recruitment into the Jagged Scars Chapter for she was quite impressed with his prowess for destruction and even more so for surviving the beating he received from Rhogar. Seeing the displeasure upon his face, the Inquisitor subtly grinned and offered him a choice: Return to his tribe rejected, or serve her as one of her acolyte and secretly hand out death in her name. In time, he would wield power that even the Sky Gods must recognize and submit to.

Crom nodded approvingly

For several years afterward, he would tirelessly travel across the three moons of Subotai in bloody adventures. Along with acolytes Nelliya Sirocco and Aklar Ummok, he would assassinate persons-of-interest for the Inquisitor, instigate wars against dissident tribes and heretic cults, and trample over the vile schemes of traitors and witches. The death and destruction he wrought gave him some sense of satisfaction, but not enough to fill the meaningless of his service to the Inquisition.

During the events on Mid-Borea, this would all change for Crom when he laid claim to the daemon weapon Nothung. Through the weapon, he was able to unlock a power that few could comprehend or identify with. Though promises of power were enticing, it was battle and death that have always beckoned to his heart. Now, more than ever, he sees his true purpose, and now walks a path that will bring about everlasting glory or cast him aside to the very depths of damnation.

Crom Vardek of the Kul

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