Cade Voidstalker of the Barbarossa

Templar Calix and Space Pirate of the Deralia March


A psyker and acolyte in service to Inquisitor Sofiya Pavlovena. Born and raised aboard the Rogue Trader ship Barbarossa, he served alongside the infamous Rogue Trader Kenjo Kurihara and his notorious crew in many adventures beyond the edges of the Imperium most of his life.

Of his father, Morgan Voidstalker, Cade remembers that he once served as the commander of the Arch-militant forces aboard the Barbarossa. Known among the crew for his bravery and daring, Morgan led the Arch-militants to victory many times over and saved the ship more times than Kenjo Kurihara could count. However, when Cade was seven-years old, his father was killed in action while defending the ship against mysterious Xenos on a forgotten world on the edge of the galaxy. Of his mother, he knows very little of, except that she was originally from beyond the borders of the Imperium. Whether she lives or not is unknown, but everyone in the crew remain silent or evade the subject when brought up.

While on a covert mission for the Inquisition, Inquisitor Sofiya Pavlovena commandeered the Barbarossa and conscripted its crew to serve her. It was during this time that she encountered Cade among the crew. Though she questioned whether to execute him on the spot for being an unsanctioned psyker, Kenjo Kurihara quickly stood up for him, and he was momentarily spared.

During her year-long stay aboard the ship, Sofiya Pavlovena assigned Cade, who earnestly tried to prove his loyalty and control over his abilities, as her personal servant to evaluate him closely. Under her supervision, she would often assign him nearly-impossible tasks to break his spirit and test the limits of his control. Even during trips away from the ship, she would drag him along to study his reactions and state-of-mind during highly-volatile missions. But to his credit, he persevered under the pressure and often surprised her when it seemed like he was surely going to die.

So impressed was she by the end of her mission that she offered him a choice: Die now or take a chance with the Scholastia Psykana. If he were not dead or completely insane by the end of his training, she would immediately recruit him as one of her acolytes, and in time, he would wield power that most Rogue Traders will never know. Not wanting to die, and intrigued by her offer, he surrendered himself to the Scholastia Psykana and was subjected to the grueling regimen of the institution.

After five torturous years, he completed his training and immediately began his service to Sofiya Pavlovena as her acolyte. Under her authority, he took part on many missions for the Inquisition working alongside various other acolytes in service to Sofiya Pavlovena, as well as the Rogue Trader Marika Kato and her crew aboard the Bentenmaru. But, it was his encounter on the moon of Mid-Borea that would forever change him.

Upon claiming the daemon weapon Balmung, his mind was assaulted by a warp entity imprisoned within the blade. Only through the sheer strength of his will was Cade able to fight off the daemon and force it into submission. With the daemon weapon firmly under his control, his mind beheld a glimpse of the forbidden knowledge contained within the Warp, and he knew now more than ever that he must prevent the dark future that Mankind has yet to face.

With his resolve strengthened and the events on Mid-Borea behind him, Cade took a reprieve from his duties to Inquisitor Sofiya Pavlovena. Traveling to the polar wastelands of Scintilla, he has been initiated into the ranks of the Psykana Temple Calix to prepare himself for the trials ahead.

Cade Voidstalker of the Barbarossa

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