Arcadia Null

Die if you must, but not with your spirit broken... for death is only the beginning.


Name: Arcadia Null
Age: 26 (Stripling)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Skin: Fair
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Home World: Mind Cleansed
Past: The Cold Grave
Career: Imperial Psyker
Divination: Die if you must, but not with your spirit broken.
Revelations: Living Nightmare (Unreadable Mind)
Family: Data Purged.

Low Borea Covert Gear: Plate Mail, Sword (Best), Shield, Fine Dress (50T).


What horrible crimes did she commit? Arcadia Null does not know. Perhaps that is for the best, for what she does remember in flashes of dread visions is a Living Nightmare that oftens comes to her whether awake or asleep. Out there in the Beyond is something so dreadful that she fears it more than the Black Ships, more than returning to the embrace of death, and more than the piercing scalpels and cutting shrieking that scrubbed her personality to dust and ashes. But through fear and dread, past lost personas and unforgivable crimes, Arcadia Null does not despair. Her will is greater than all of these.

As a Pyrist, rendering her past and her emotions unto ashes is appropriate and welcome. Only when her flames are consuming those around her does she no longer feel the fear, no longer feel the need to suppress herself. The release is like unto ecstacy. To burn under sanction; others now hold the responsibility of her actions. She can trust with unshakable faith that they shall point her to the enemies of the Emperor so that she might burn a path that leads to his side. She only need concentrate on remaining unbroken so that she might tread upon it. But only when she is burning… all else becomes her paranoia…

Arcadia Null

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