Dark Heresy: The JS Archives

Mid Boria: Preliminaries

Codename: Low Borea: Preliminaries
Mission Type:

Mission Briefing:
Cult activity connected to the royal family. Day 1.
To be modified & updated by Codicier Francois


My minder is down, her lungs ripped from her chest by savage orks. Who shall give me guidance then?

We fell upon this world like Fate unleashed. But the first hours were a calm that belied my fears. The team split up in its rather mundane and domestic tasks to seek us our shelter and question the denizens of this teeming township. We found that the Prince was wroth afield to the south and east, a short jaunt by steed, and precious little else.

With few clues, we entered the tournament as planned to seek the king’s favor through strength of arms and the glory of combat. All fell before us in great gouts of blood.

Mid Boria: Preliminaries

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