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Mid Borea: Riots

Codename: Mid Borea: Riots
Mission Type:

Mission Briefing:
Cult activity connected to the royal family. Day 3, late night. Escape Pagoda, rendezvous with Alpha Team.

To be modified & updated by Codicier Francois


we got to the top floor and saw some one climb a rope to the top so i chased after him and i got to the top it was a man wearing some evil looking armer i attacked but he pared and he jumped on a zip line then he got away after they cut the line so we were getting out as the wizard light it on fire we rushed out and saw the rioters and so the mage shoot damn nation on them and then i climbed the up the ladder to the top of the gate house and jumped off and started to fight them after we fought the rhino came and dropped off back up and weapons so i took a autogun and we head off we went to the castle there were soldiers fighting them so we think we should go for it and get in to the castle and find out whats happenin

Mid Borea: Riots

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