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Mid Borea: Pagoda

Codename: Mid Borea: Prom Night
Mission Type:

Mission Briefing:
Cult activity connected to the royal family. Day 3, late night. Raid Fervious enclave.

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It comes… from the dark beyond the warp and further than nightmares, it comes for us; I know it. Mighty Alpha team is down. It falls to us to avenge them.

A bastion of brick upon wrought-iron spears cannot stay our righteous anger. In firestorms I awaken and consign the heathens of House Fervious to their deserved torments. The gates are cast down by the boot of a titan, the scythe of death, and the sword of fear; all wreathed in flame.

We race across the grounds as juggernauts heedless of cunning devices. Not even the Lord of Dreams can stay our wrath. The Pagoda lay before us and we stormed it in full knowledge of the pall that hunched upon our shoulders counting down time. Adepts and scribes knelt before steel and flame and fletching to beg for interrogation and absolution for their crimes in the service of Chaos. But their wagging tongues held their secrets and told us nothing of value.

Up the stairs we pressed, interrogating in like manner all we encountered… and found all wanting before our judgment.

Arcadia Null

Mid Borea: Pagoda

we all got to the gates i know it was going to end up being the gate of hell for our enemies and when we the boot of the damned,scythe of destruction and the sword of the justice open the seal of the portal to our enemies hell we got in side taking any enemy in our path

we ran in to the pagoda ready to kill as justice ran jumped on the table and shot a arrow in to one off the enemies for head killing him we took them down swiftly we burst up the stairs and got to the floor and there were enemies ready to fight the mage rained damn nation on them almost all the floor were on fire we all attack and take them down i got damaged bad and i had to defend my self as the mage toke them down i looted one of the bodies of the strongest and i found a katana that is best for me so i put it on my side and we all rushed up stairs we didn’t know what was there but the mage know there were living things in the pillers justice slashed one and didn’t see any thing tell he saw light from the other side and then eskimo joe ran through traps and when he did we fallowed so we didn’t step in to any more traps and we got to the stairs ready to fight any thing that is next ready to face the angel of death if we have to


Mid Borea: Pagoda

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